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Welcome! My name is Dr. Jennifer Hsia (pronouns: she/her/hers). In my practice (Psychological Health and Wellness, Inc), I use a supportive and encouraging environment to help you meet your goals. Whether you are interested in changing your lifestyle (such as losing weight, changing your diet, and increasing exercise), are struggling with issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, adjustment difficulties, acculturation and cultural challenges, or chronic pain/health conditions, or want to learn some skills to better manage your life, I am here to help. You are the expert of your life. and I look forward to the opportunity to walk alongside and guide you toward your goals.

你好! 如果你心里覺得苦惱,或長期為疼痛所困,或总是為健康問題擾心,或者你希望開展康莊的生活,却不知道如何著手,或者覺得没法激勵自己去改變,我都可以幫助你。 不論你是年輕人,或是長者,我會和你一起,專注、確認符合你價值觀的方向。 我努力創造一個支撐你的安全環境, 幫你檢討你的想法,感覺,與行為之間的關聯,介紹包括領悟在內的技巧去幫助你來鏈接你的價值觀。

I am a Chinese-American psychologist (licensed in CA: PSY28933 and as out-of-state telehealth provider in FL: TPPY195) who can speak and conduct therapy in Mandarin Chinese. In my practice in Pasadena, CA, I primarily use skills and interventions from cognitive-behavioral therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which center on the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If relevant, I also support your use of cultural healing, mindfulness, and other integrative practices into therapy to promote your overall well-being.

我是在南加州生長的心理治療師(加州執照:PSY28933 和 Florida 外州遠程醫療執照: TPPY195),能用國語 (普通話)進行治療。我主要使用我們的思想、感覺、和行為之間的聯系為中心。我也支持您使用中式治療方式(譬如中醫、針灸 、氣功、等等)改善整體健康。

Now offering video appointments (提供視頻治療)! Now licensed as an Out-of-State Telehealth Psychologist in Florida (新拿到Florida外州遠程治療的執照)!